Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct was adopted from the Rowan-Salisbury School Systems’
Expectations for Parents / Legal Guardians / Spectators

  • Attempt to relieve the pressure of the competition, not increase it.
  • Be kind to your child’s coach and officials. The coach is giving up personal time and money to provide a recreational activity for your child.
  • Do your best to understand and appreciate the rules of the contest.
  • Accept the results of each game.
  • Encourage your child to be gracious in victory and to turn defeat into victory by working towards improvement.
  • Show appreciation for an outstanding play be either team.
  • Be a “team” fan, not a “my child” fan.
  • Reinforce the school’s drug and alcohol free policies and refrain from use of alcohol and other drugs before or during contests.
  • No smoking and/or vaping on event premises.
  • Express concerns to the coach at the appropriate time and place, never before, during, or immediately after a contest.
  • Do your best to remember your ticket to an athletic event provides you with the privilege to observe a contest, not berating officials, coaches, players, other spectators or league officials.
  • RCYFL has a ‘zero-tolerance ‘ policy for poor or abusive behavior at games AND practices.
  • Fans are not to be on the field, around the players’ bench area or directly in areas of competition.
  • Remember your child is involved in organized sports for his/her enjoyment. NOT YOURS!